Why Should I Use Body Scrub?

Many people ask this question when they are first confronted with a body scrub be it salt, sugar, pumice or any of the myriad varieties available on the market today. First, what does exfoliation mean? Basically it is the process of shedding flaky dead skin. An extreme example is when you peel after a sunburn (bad you!). Your skin exfoliates constantly as the cells reproduce and slough off. Scrubs are "mechanical exfoliants" like sandpaper on wood, but not that abrasive. Body scrubs are meant to gently abrade the surface of the skin to help speed up cell renewal by removing old cells.

Why do we need to help these lazy cells to jump ship and make way for the new cells? Let's get technical for a moment. Starting from conception your body begins to produce cells. This is a continuing process and as you grow and mature your body produces thousands upon thousands of cells to replace those that naturally die off, a process called apoptosis (AKA cell suicide). Not all cells reproduce and as you age even the ones that do start slowing down, especially skin cells. It's all downhill after you hit your mid-twenties. Sad, I know!

What all this boils down to is as you age your skin can start to look dull, drab and lifeless. If you have dry skin scrubs will help with the flakes and most will moisturize as well giving your skin a smooth, soft appearance. If you have oily skin you might experience a sludgy look due to over-production of sebum that can attract dirt and hang on to those pesky old cells. Using a good scrub will help eliminate the buildup of old yucky skin cells and keep your skin bright and luminous.

Another reason to use a scrub is because you indulge in spray tanning. Ask anyone who's had this treatment what happens if your skin is flaky before application. They'll tell you that the "tan" can be uneven, discolored and will quickly flake off. Using a scrub with no greasy residue, like our Shea Butter Body Scrubs (on sale this month too!) will ensure a smooth results and a longer lasting tan. Ask your technician if they favor a particular product before your appointment date. You don't want to use something that will make your skin tacky or slick as the product won't adhere and blend correctly.

I hope this answers the question: What is Exfoliation? Your skin will feel and look fabulous. You'll wonder how you lived without them for so long. So what are you waiting for? Get glowing!

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