Scents and Senses

This morning I was out in our gardens checking for new growth, seeds popping up, weeding and pest patrol. I love that quiet time in the morning just at sunrise when the birds are waking up, the neighbor rooster starts crowing and the garden presents its newest treasures. One of the best things about growing our own herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetable are the scents that surround you as you walk through the rows of plants. I brush my hands over the lavender and rosemary while weeding and receive a waft of heavenly fragrance for my effort. I literally stop and smell the roses and any other flowers blooming in the garden. I get much of my inspiration for product creations by surrounding myself with nature.

We are growing a new type of Dianthus this year. It is a beautiful, ruffled coral Floral Fragrancecolor that stands out among the pinks and whites in the perennial garden. I was leaning over those flowers this morning to pluck a few weeds and had a sudden flashback of sitting on the beach in my home town. Salty air, fresh breezes off the water, tropical scents of flowers and suntan lotion. The sensation was so vivid I could close my eyes and visualize the scene to the point where I could nearly feel the warmth of the sun and sand.

Scents imprint memories for me. The scent of cinnamon apple brings back days of baking pies and cookies with my daughters during the holidays. Lavender and chamomile remind me of giving my babies their evening bath and taking naps with the windows open on cool spring days. The scent of fresh cut grass recalls summer evenings when the daily rain showers would pop up and wash everything clean and pushing the warm green fragrance out of the earth.

We strive to incorporate these memory-making fragrances in all of our products so you can experience relaxation, invigoration and happiness when you’re using them. What is your favorite scent and what memories does it bring back for you?

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  • Kathy Kessler 04:09 PM

    Lavander, rosemary, basil, fennel, vanilla, rose, jasmine, almond oil, and lemon are some of my favorites.

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