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We’ve been handcrafting, small-batch hydrating moisturizers, sugar scrubs, bath salts and artisan soaps since 2002. Of course we use the finest responsibly sourced ingredients… but that’s just the beginning. Our delectable and inspired scents truly take our body care to the next level. Limoncello, Chamomile Lavender, Honey Bamboo, and Grapefruit Passion are just a few of the scents waiting to have you fall in love with them. Our loyal customers return again and again to indulge themselves with their favorite selections. We invite you to step into our store and find the bath and body products of your dreams. Take care of your skin, naturally!


What is Exfoliation?

Many people ask this question when they are first confronted with a body scrub be it salt, sugar, pumice or any of the myriad varieties available on the market today. First, what does exfoliation mean? Basically it is the process of shedding flaky dead skin. An extreme example is when you peel after a sunburn (bad you!). Your skin exfoliates constantly as the cells reproduce and slough off. Scrubs are "mechanical exfoliants" like sandpaper on wood, but not that abrasive. Body scrubs are meant to gently abrade the surface of the skin to help speed up cell renewal by removing old cells. Why do we need to help these lazy cells to jump ship and make way for the new cells? Let's get technical for a moment.

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My Skin is Tired! What can I do?

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